LINDA#FACEINTHEMIRROR is a stage production by visual artist Tero Puha (Finnish State Prize for Photographic Arts 2014) and dancer Jyrki Haapala. Photography, film, dance, fashion design and live music all combined give birth to an unusual and bizarre story of people trapped in social media. Clothing and stage design is created by internationally recognized Finnish fashion designer Teemu Muurimäki. Other collaborators are visual artist Julia Suikki, musician Juissi Vainiola and singer Minna Karttunen.


The photographs and film footage gradually created during the past 20 years mix up fact and fiction. Some of the material has been displayed earlier i.e. in Helsinki Kunsthalle and Helsinki City Art Museum.










Concept & Direction  Jyrki Haapala, Tero Puha

Video & Photography & Graphic Art Tero Puha

Music Juissi Vainiola

Choreography & Movement Jyrki Haapala

Vocals Minna Karttunen

Linda performed and styled by Julia Suikki

Stage & Costume Design Teemu Muurimäki

Hair & Makeup Piritta Hirvanen

Trailer Voiceover Tapio Korhonen




Fairytale Machine, Girl For Sale, Late for Lipo

(Music Juissi Vainiola, Lyrics Tero Puha)

Ghost Itch

(Music by Vainiola, Lyrics Puha&Vainiola)








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