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The central character in the work is a fictional actress and celebrity Linda (played by transgender visual artist Julia Suikki). Dancer Jyrki Haapala portrays a man deeply in awe of Linda and her social media world. The man´s obsessions with Linda soon begin to alter his sense of reality and finally their stories intertwine in surprising manner.


The production uses a technique called video mapping. The movies and photographic elements are projected onto various sized white cubes, enabling swift changes in moods and sets. Jyrki Haapala´s character is present in various states of reality: live on stage, in the photographs and in the videos.


The combination of moving image, dance, physical theatre and live music fusion drive the story with an interesting pace and intensity. The multileveled work leaves the viewer with various ways to interpret it. In addition to the fascinating theme and story, Linda#faceinthemirror also provides a rather sensual experience with something for every sense to enjoy. Colourful and rich visual world, hypnotically beautiful music and precise choreography won´t leave anyone cold. The lenght of the production is approximately 50 minutes.


The project is a fascinating mix of fact and fiction, gradually created during the past 20 years. The project looks at the first decades of the internet and reality television and the impact on people´s social self and body image.




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